Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any recommendation for accommodations?

Yes, we worked out a group rate for the Marriot Hotel in Provo, Utah. This is also where the awards banquet will be held. Below is a link to book at the discounted rate.


There are many other options around the area including Airbnb’s & campgrounds.

Campgrounds: There are a couple of campgrounds up Hobble Creek Canyon. Jolley’s Ranch and Cherry Campground. Rates start around $21/per night for non-residents.


What time will RMAC start Thursday and be done on Sunday?

We will be kicking the event off early on Thursday (7AM-8AM) and we will try to have the awards banquet wrapped up by 4PM on Sunday.

I signed up as a reserve for a full event..what do I do now?

There are always cancellations. We will reach out to you before the event letting you know what events we were able to get you into.

Do you have a detailed overview of the Precision Marksman Challenge and Speed Challenge course of fire?

You will receive the courses of fire in your registration packet upon checkin.

Will you have air tanks/compressors available for use during the event?

Yes, we will have both air tanks and ability to fill tanks at the range during the event. We will have designated fill times throughout the event. We would still encourage you to bring your own tanks if possible.

How far is the drive from the Salt Lake City Airport?

The drive is around 45 minutes from the airport to the shooting range.

Can I mail my guns, tanks, etc. before the event?

A: Yes, you can mail your guns and equipment to the Utah Airguns shop anytime after May 20th. Be sure to put your name very clearly on the label or box. We will lock your guns in a secure room at the shop. We The shops mailing address is:

Utah Airguns
953 S. State Street
Orem, UT 84097

Will the Utah Airguns shop be open during the week?

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of man power to pull off an event at this scale. Most employees will be helping at the range. Please try to make any purchases (pellets, accessories, etc) before Thursday. We will be open late on Wednesday if you want to see the showroom, buy product and meet the team. More detailed schedule to come.

Can youth compete? Is there an age limit?

Yes! Youth ages 10-18 are welcome to participate. If you are under 18 you must have an adult sign you up, sign the liability waiver and be present throughout the whole event. Youth participants must be able to shoot, air up, load magazines, move with the gun, etc. on their own.

Parking & Transportation

We have greatly expanded both the number shooting benches and competitors for 2023. We have also expanded the parking area. We would still ask that if you do drive on your own that you try to carpool.

Are their caliber, power limit or ammo restrictions?

We will be releasing a very detailed rules document in the near future. There will be certain ammo, caliber and power limits depending on the event. Here are some of the basic outlines set in stone:

  • The 100 Yard Benchrest is limited to .35 caliber and under mass production diabolo pellets.
  • Precision Marksman Challenge – Limited to .30 caliber and under. Both slugs and pellets will be allowed in 2023.
  • Speed Challenge – Limited to .30 caliber and under massed production diabolo pellets.
  • The Big Bore (Magnum Power) Slug Class will be require a 140/ft lb minimum.

Can my family and friends come and watch me shoot?

Yes, of course! Everyone is more than welcome to come hang out!

I am not competing, but want to help out. How can I volunteer?

We of course appreciate all help and volunteers. If you are interested in helping out please email kate@utahairguns.com with your contact information and availability.

Will there be time to sight in at the range?

Yes, we will have sight in times announced prior to the events and designated areas, but try and be as prepared as possible. We are planning on having the range open Wednesday from 12PM-4PM for sight-in time. The Upper range will be open for sight-in from 8:00AM-11:00AM on Thursday. Also, early each morning and will try to have a designated sight-in area available from 7:00AM-7:30AM.

Will there be food and drinks at the range?

Yes, we will have concessions available throughout the days. We will also be lining up food trucks each day that you will be able to purchase lunch at.

What does the Speed Challenge look like?

There will be a number of different stages set up at the range. Each stage will have a different course of fire, target layout, scoring format, etc. You will randomly draw at each stage to go up against a shooter in your squad (one-on-one). You will then complete the course of fire side-by-side and try to complete the stage faster than the other shooter.

What are squads?

Before RMAC, we will randomly draw and assign you each to a squad the morning of each event. You will compete in the squads in many of the events including Precision Marksman and Speed Challenge. Shooting in squads makes it easier logistically for us to run shooters through.

Do you have a range map?

Yes, below is a map overview of the range.

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